DermaE, Anti-Wrinkle Cleanser

Today, I want to talk about one of my favorite cleanser, from a brand I like a lot, the DermaE Anti-Wrinkle Cleanser.

I first bought it, because I was seduced by the Anti-Wrinkle (or aging) aspect of it. I try to use anti-aging more and more, for prevention reasons but also because they tend to be more moisturizing, in my experience, which I like since my skin is dry.

I also liked that this was a liquid/gel texture, because it’s easy to use, wether you use a tool or not. I like that it foams a little, because my brain associates foam with clean. The pump is very convenient, and one is enough for my face and neck. I love it because I never waste product, accidentally pouring too much.

The formula isn’t drying at all, it feels very nice and soft on the skin. My skin also feels soft after using it.

The brand recently redid all their packaging, it looks gorgeous! This is the new one, but you might still find the old one in some stores or online.

DermaE is a brand I really like, and this cleanser is one I’ll most likely repurchase in the future. I know it works for my skin type, I love how it feels, and it’s very affordable. I also love that it’s easy to find, as Whole Foods sells the brand.

DermaE, Anti-Wrinkle Cleanser $13.75


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