The importance of selfcare. #helloselfcare

Selfcare : care of the self without medical or other professional consultation.

How easy is that? Something you can do yourself, to yourself, whenever you want or can. Yet, who actually takes the time to pamper themselves on a regular basis? We’re always too busy, too lazy, or too rushed for it. Yet we have time to browse social medias or binge watch the new trendy TV show –which is of course totally fine and totally awesome, right?

As I’m writing this, I’m laying down on my couch. Not because I’m having a lazy day, but because my back hurts so bad, laying down is the only not-too-painful option (I can’t even say it’s really comfortable). And as I’m in pain, I finally take care of myself. Why? Why do I always do that? Why do I always wait until I’m in pain to be nice to my body?

I’m not saying I never do anything nice, but I tend to be nicer when it’s “too late”. And I know I’m not the only one. I’m also not blaming anyone, I just know that there are a lot of us out there, not treating ourselves the way we deserve to treat ourselves. The way we should treat ourselves.

But what is selfcare? It can be anything you want! It doesn’t have to be some super fancy spa-like experience –although that sounds amazing, and we should also indulge in some of that once in a while. But really, on a weekly basis, it can be anything you enjoy and makes you feel good. It could be a nice hot bath with a bath bomb. It can be a meditation session. It can be that yoga routine you like to do. It can be using that face scrub and face mask you like.

The first and last are more of my type of selfcare. And you know what, even if you do something else at the same time, it’s still taking care of yourself! You can still catch up on the latest video your favorite Youtuber posted. You can still drink that tea or smoothie you like at the same time. You can still read that book, so you don’t have to wait any longer to know what happens to this badass heroine. Or even watch the latest episode of your favorite show.

So what’s our excuse? Why do we keep postponing taking care of our bodies? They are all we have. They function for us. They are our temples.

I’d like to try something with you. I want you, and I will of course do it too, to promise yourself that at least once a week, you will treat yourself to something. Remember, it has to be something special! It can’t be just your everyday morning or night time routine. I want you, and me, to take time to do that little something extra. I want you, and me, to take the time to reward ourselves for just being awesome. Did something good? Perfect, you deserve it! Had a crap day? Well, you definitely deserve something nice to cheer you up! Just take a couple minutes out of your day. Lock yourself in the bathroom away from everyone, adults or kids, for two minutes if you have to. But just do it!

You deserve to do it. You deserve to take, two, five, ten or even thirty minutes if you’re lucky, to worry about you and only you. The world will still function during your little me-time. You are the only one that matters at that exact moment.

I will try and update you guys on Twitter and maybe in my Instagram stories to show you I am keeping up with it and hopefully to encourage you to do the same. I’d also love to see what you guys are doing, to interact with you so we can support each other in this journey to love ourselves more. Feel free to comment here, to tag me in pictures or to use the hashtag #helloselfcare so I can see it.

You’re awesome.
You deserve to be nice to yourself.



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